Gardens, lawns, pool

Its a green environment at our place - nice lawns with beanbags to lie on in the shade, sundeck with loungers under the pergola (beside the bar....) - a nice pool in amongst lush tropical gardens, its cool and lovely.

dive hostel bali
With only tracks around us, there is no through traffic, so its quiet. Around us are cornfields , with the occasional cow - nothing disturbs the nights sleep. All around us is green; the beach is 1km away, as are Saltfarms and the Mangrove conservation area.

With the harbour only 250m away, and sea on 2 sides, and no town within 50km, our air is pure and lovely!
The Barn (our dorm) is under trees, so it stays cool - and has aircon.
The pool is filled from wellwater, which is slightly salty, making it soft on the eyes and skin - and reducing the chemicals we have to put in it - it stays crystal clear by itself...... in fact, we are so green and clean, we even get waterfowl and frogs in the pool!

 We tend our lawns, tropical flowering plants and trees with as little attention as possible, to keep them natural and happy but we need to give them nutrients - we use compost and cow dung.... and we must water the gardens in the dry season - so we do it with our own recycled water from the dorms, bungalows and Kitchen, and we try to educate the people around us and help the village to reduce its footprint too.


Waste water treatment and use

We have large and efficient septic tanks, (a design called Anaerobic baffled reactors). Then that water come out, and goes through the Reedbeds.. This uses a mixture of Reeds, Papyrus, and various local tropical plants, a natural and efficient way to remove remaining undesired Nutrients and pollutants from the water. Its pretty too! Wwe use no electricity, or chemical additives. Bacteria and plants do it all.
Then we use a small pump to recycle the water back to our gardens.

Electricity use in a place such as ours, can be quite high. The first solution is to use low-power equipment - but Aircons, Fridges and Freezers, are all difficult to get around - so we plan to use 100% SOLAR POWER.
Until this is installed, we just try to cut down.
For this purpose we use the sun’s heat to directly heat our water, using Heat collectors (like a car’s radiator) to heat the water, and using just Convection (no electricity) to circulate the water.
Thus - almost no environmental impact.